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You can utilize the Edenred APP and Edenred MasterCard as a payment method. These payment methods can only be used on site at the gym reception. Payments are not accepted remotely.

You can buy either a monthly paid or a fixed-term membership. In addition, the benefit money can also be used for PT packages and services.

You can utilize the benefit for the prepaid membership by paying the membership in full on site.

Ongoing/monthly paid membership and the start-up fee can be purchased using the benefit money during the registration on site at the gym reception. The membership is paid monthly by e-invoicing or using recurring card payment. You can also pay for training time in advance (min. 2 months, max. 12 months) with the benefit money.

Please note, that when paying an ongoing membership in advance with Edenred, the membership itself does not end after the prepaid period, but it continues normally via e-invoicing/recurring card payment as per the contract.

Paying with Edenred APP

📢 This payment method can only be used on site at the gym reception.

1. Select the correct gym from the application. The gym has to be the one where you are currently visiting. (Every Fitness24Seven center has its cost center in the app)
2. Agree on the amount and service you want to purchase with the Staff.
3. The Staff will check that the amount and the cost center are correct in your application before the payment is made.
4. After the information has been checked you can make the payment in the app.
5. The Staff will check the receipt from the app.

Paying with Edenred MasterCard

1. Visit on site at the gym reception.
2. Agree on the amount and service you want to purchase with the Staff.
3. After the amount is confirmed, you can make the payment like a normal card payment.
4.The Staff will issue you the payment receipt.

Please, note that the Edenred benefit money is a personal benefit offered by the employer to its employees. You cannot use these benefits to pay for another person’s services. Identity must be proven if requested.    

You can not use the benefit money to purchase a gift card, accident insurance, freezing, or desk products or pay a membership-/PT invoice that has been overdue for over 14 days.

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