Payment terms for e-invoicing

Payment by e-invoice is one of the payment methods in the on-going membership. When selecting this payment method, the member must have a personal, Finnish bank account and a valid Finnish Social Security Number (SSN).

E-invoice will be sent to the members' online bank around 14 days before the due date of the invoice. The due date for training fee is always on the 29th of the previous month. Due date for PT services and accident insurance is always on the 1st of the current month. Member must accept the invoices on their personal online bank by the due date.

In case you have questions regarding the invoice, you must contact us immediately after receiving the invoice, before the due date has passed. You can contact us either via email to the gym reception, personally visiting the reception or via email to centralized customer service.

The e-invoice permit is activated by the member in their personal online bank account within three (3) days of the membership registration. Check the general instructions for activating the e-invoice permit below. Please note that there might be differences between banks and the most accurate instructions can be given by your bank's customer service.

Please note that deleting the e-invoice permit does not automatically cancel your membership at F24S. The membership is to be cancelled by the instructions given in the membership contract, with a 2 month notice period.

F24S Customer Service
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