Payment terms with the RCP (recurring card payment)

Recurring card payment (RCP) is one of the payment methods in the on-going membership. When selecting this payment method, the member must have a VISA or a Master Card with a possibility for online- and abroad payments. Please note, that you cannot use a Visa Electron card or a Sport Benefit card for these payments.

You can add your card information in Nets portal. A link to the portal can be sent to you by our Staff or by logging in to our website ‘’my pages’’.

The member is responsible for the correctness of the information on the payment card, the validity of the card and that there is enough money on the card for the debit on the due date.

Work out invoice due dates are always on 29th of the previous month. Due date for Personal Training and insurance invoices are always on 1st of the current month.

In case you need help with adding the card information, please contact your own bank’s customer service.
F24S Customer Service
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