How much is your membership? Price List

Ongoing (paid monthly with e-invoicing or recurring card payment) 

Regular membership 27,90€/month
Senior membership 25,90€/month
Student membership 25,90€/month

Ongoing membership has 2 months notice period

Prepaid (paid fully at once on site at the gym reception)                    
12 months 369€
 6 months 229€
12 months (senior) 329€

Ongoing Easy Access 17,90€/month
12 months Easy Access 249€

Easy access memberships is for people with limited access to our gyms. We cannot provide a possibility to wheel chair access in all gyms and therefore the price is lower in this membership type.

A starting fee of 24,90€ is added to all our memberships upon registration.

With each of our memberships, you get access to all of our gyms 24/7 both in Finland and abroad, as well as to group training in our GROUP gyms.

F24S Membership terms and conditions 
Payment terms with the RCP (recurring card payment)
Payment terms for e-invoicing
Payment methods | Edenred, Epassi, Smartum

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