Do you accept any Smartum payment options?

You can utilize the following exercise benefits: Smartum Liikuntaseteli, Smartum Liikunta- and kulttuuriseteli and Smartum Pay.

The payment must happen at the reception with staff present.

At the gym, you can purchase two types of memberships; prepaid memberships or continuous/monthly paid e-invoice subscription. 

You can utilize the benefit for the prepaid membership, by paying the membership in full with the benefits mentioned above.

Utilizing the benefits above in a continuous membership works the following way:

When paying an e-invoice membership with Smartum coupons or card, F24S will charge a service fee of 5€. The minimum payment is for two months of training and the maximum for 12 months. E-invoices that have already been sent cannot be paid with any Smartum payment options. When paying with any Smartum options, please note that there is not a refund or cancellation option of the product when paying training time in advance.

Please note, that when paying a continuous membership in advance with Smartums, the membership itself does not end after the prepaid period, and continued normally via e-invoicing as per the contract.

You can use the benefits for PT-services as well with the same terms. The benefits are not valid for F24S products or supplements.

Hope this is of help, have great day!

F24S Customer Service
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