Student membership

Fitness24Seven offers students a more affordable student price for monthly paid memberships and fixed-term memberships.

Memberships for students:

Ongoing membership 26,90€/month
Prepaid 12 months 349€
Prepaid 6 months 229€

You can find the important info regarding the student membership underneath.
  • The right to the student price must be proven with a valid student card or other proof from e.g. the educational institution. The validity period must be visible on the proof.
  • The student card can be shown either on site at the gym reception or via email. The student price (26,90€/month) will be set for the period of validity of the student card, after which the membership price will be automatically updated to the regular price according to the current price list (currently 28,90€/month).
  • The price change cannot be made retroactively. In case an invoice for the upcoming month has already been sent, the invoice needs to be paid with the regular amount. The price change will take effect starting from the next invoice after the student card has been shown. 
  • The new student card needs to be shown at least 14 days before the validity period of the previous student card has expired, to keep the student price valid.
F24S Customer Service
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