How does e-invoicing work? When is the payment made?

The e-invoices have the same due date every month. The invoices for the membership is always due the 29th of each month, for the upcoming month's training time. This means that on the 29th of January, we invoice for February's training time.

The invoice cycle for accident insurance and PT-sessions also have a set due date every month, but it takes place on the 1st of each month for the current month. This means, that on the 1st of January, the invoice is for January's insurance period or PT-invoice.

The reference number changes with every invoice, which is why it is important to not manually copy the payment information from one payment to another.

As a Company, we are able to send out the invoices to online banks only if the e-invoice permit is set up correctly and in time by the member. We are unable to directly charge any funds or invoices from our member's accounts, so the manual confirmation is up to the member. Some banks offer an "automatized" payment confirmation set up, where the bank will auto-confirm the invoices on their due date. Since this function varies between banks and happens in their system, we recommend contacting the bank's customer service for detailed assistance.

General instructions (varies depending on your bank) on setting up your e-invoice permit in your online bank here: How do I activate my e-invoice permit?

If you have any questions about payment terms and invoices, please do not hesitate to contact any of our gym receptions!

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