What is your Loyalty Program and what is required to achieve the GOLD or BLACK status?

We want to give something extra, for our loyal, long term customers. As a GOLD or BLACK member, you get discounts from new products, different offers and inspiration from our associates. You can check your current status from your F24S application.


GOLD- After 3 years
BLACK- After 7 years


  • Recruit friends with discounted memberships and in return get rewarded with free training. The benefit can only be used once per calendar year.

    GOLD: 1 membership/year for 19,90 €/month = Up to 1 month training for free per year for you.

    BLACK: 3 memberships/year for 19,90 €/month = Up to 3 months of free training per year for you.

    *Can only be offered to new members. If the person have been a member before it must have been 12 months since their last membership ended.

  • Bring a friend (one at a time) for a free trial within reception hours.

    GOLD: 5 times per year.

    BLACK: Unlimited.

  • Get discount on our training equipment products.

    GOLD: 10%

    BLACK: 20%


Your GOLD or BLACK membership card replaces your current membership card.

GOLD: Collected by member at nearest gym

BLACK: We send it to your postal address, once the status is achieved.

*You can claim the discounted friend price with your friend, by going to the gym. Bring your picture ID with you.

*The price of a campaign subscription paid by e-invoice/Card payment will automatically change to the current regular price after 12 months from the start date. 

If you have any questions about your membership status, you can contact your nearest gym or our customer service at info@f24s.fi .

Anna Customer Advisor
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