What happens if a monthly payment cannot be made via e-invoicing?

If the payment for your training subscription cannot be made via e-invoicing, a reminder will be sent via letter to your registered address. The reminder can be paid according to the instructions in the letter or at one of our gyms during reception hours.
The mailing is managed by OK Perintä and the reminder fee is 5€.

If e-invoicing as a payment method is not suitable for your needs, we recommend the prepaid subscription. More information below.

We have two types of memberships; a continuous membership or a fixed term/prepaid membership.

Our regular membership is a continuous membership with a 2 month cancellation period. For this membership it is required to have a Finnish social security number, Finnish ID and your own Finnish personal online banking codes. The billing of the memberships is made via e-invoicing.

We have an option for customers who either don't have the requirements of an e-invoice subscription or would like to pay the training time in advance with employee's benefit vouchers or card such as Smartum. For this membership we require any valid passport for identification. This membership type has two term options; 6 months or 12 months.

All new memberships have a Start-up fee of 24,90 €. To renew a contract, an Administrative fee of 15 € is charged. A new membership card costs 9,90 €.

Anna Customer Advisor
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