Updated membership contract terms

Dear member,

We have updated the terms of our membership contract to better meet the needs of our members. The changes do not require any action from you as a member.

It is good to note at least the following areas in the updated terms: 

Working out at F24S. Your membership includes working out at all our gyms in Sweden, Finland, Norway, Thailand and Colombia. Please note, that between countries there might be differences in rules of conduct and training regulations and customer service opening hours.

  • New payment method: automatic card payment. We have added a new payment method for the monthly paid, on-going membership. Please check this article for information about the payment method and how to use it with your monthly payments.

  • Rules of conduct and training regulations. We have updated our rules of conduct and training regulations in order for us to create a better work out environment amongst our members. Rules of conduct are listed on the membership contract and on our website.

  • Cancellation. Cancellation for the on-going membership is to be made in writing either via MyPages on our website or via email to the gym / centralized customer service or via mail to our Helsinki Office.

  • Limitation of liability. The limitation of liability presents the situations in which the service provider (F24S) is exempted from certain conditions agreed in the contract and how these changes are communicated to the members.

  • Reminder invoice delivered via email. We have changed the routine for sending payment reminders. Payment reminder invoices will now be sent only via email to the email address registered in our system. (Note, that this change has been taken into affect on June 2022 and has been informed via email to members with reminder invoices)

The updated and full terms of our membership contract can be found from our website. These terms come into affect for all memberships on 1st of September 2022.

In case you have any questions regarding the terms, please contact our gym staff via email, by calling or by visiting the gym during reception hours. Alternatively you can also contact our centralized customer service at info@f24s.fi.

See you at the gym!

Best regards,
F24S Customer Service
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