New membership pricing - FAQ

The price change will be affected in two parts. For new customers 27th of December 2022 and for active memberships 1st of February 2023.

What does your new price list look like?
The price update will affect both fixed-term and ongoing, monthly paid memberships. The price for our accident insurance and other fees such as start-up fee, freezing fee, etc. will remain current.

You can find the new price list here!

When will the price update happen?
Prices will update 27th of December 2022. Contracts made after this will be signed with our updated prices.

Ongoing memberships will update to new prices 1st of February 2023.

Why are you changing your prices?
Growing energy and maintenance costs also affect Fitness24Seven operations. To continue to offer you wellness and exercise services, we have to raise the existing membership prices.

One membership card will provide training regardless of the time or the place where you are in over 250 gyms around the clock in five different countries. In addition to, that you can also participate in our group classes at the gyms, not forgetting our women’s gyms, completely new gyms, and gym renovations. Our price is and will stay competitive in the fitness market compared to our services.

I want to cancel my ongoing membership due to the price change, what I should do?
According to our membership contract terms, the notice period is two months. You are eligible to your current price also during the cancellation period if you cancel your membership before the 31st of January 2023. The price change will happen 1st of February also to ongoing memberships so after that monthly price is determined by the new price list.

If the membership contract is canceled during the period 16th of January and 31st of January when new invoices regarding February’s training time are already sent with the new updated price. The overpayment will be compensated to the final invoice.

I have an ongoing prepaid subscription, how price change will be affected my current membership?
The price change will not affect already purchased prepaid subscriptions during the current contract period. After your subscription ends you can buy a new subscription with the new price list.

I have a reduced monthly price granted as a result of the campaign offer. Will the price of my contract also change?
If your monthly contract has been agreed to for a certain period at a campaign price, this price is valid for the pre-agreed period. After this period, the price is automatically updated to the regular one according to the current price list.

My membership is currently frozen, will the price change when the membership will be activated?
For ongoing memberships which are purchased before the 27th of December, the price change will be happening 1st of February. If your membership activates after that your monthly price will be updated to the new price immediately.

For prepaid memberships which are purchased before the 27th of December, the price change will not affect the current subscription although membership is frozen for a certain amount of time.

I have an automatic E-invoicing contract in my online bank, do I need to do changes to the current contract?
If you have set a price limit to the E-invoicing contract which amount the bank can take automatically from your bank account, you should increase this limit to our new prices. You can change this in your online bank from E-invoicing contact settings by yourself. If you need help with the settings, please contact your bank’s customer service.

F24S Customer Service
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