New membership pricing and cancellation between 17th and 31st of May

Dear member,

As we have announced earlier, the membership prices will be updated for the ongoing memberships on 1st of June 2022. If you have missed the previous announcement, you can find the information here.
Frequently asked questions can be found here.

June’s membership fee has been sent to members on 17th of May with the due date 29/5. The invoice has been sent with the updated price.

  • Regular membership 24,90€/mo.
  • Senior membership 21,90€/mo.
  • Loyalty membership 19,90€/mo. (Note! This membership can be given to a friend according to the member's loyalty status, read more here.)
  • Access membership 14,90€/mo.

According to our membership contract terms the notice period is two months. You are eligible to your current price also during the cancellation period if you cancel your membership before 1st of June 2022.

Price change will happen on 1st of June also to ongoing memberships so after that monthly price is determined by the new price list. If membership contract is cancelled between 17th of May and 31st of May when new e-invoice regarding June’s training time is already sent will the extra part of the invoice be compensated to the final invoice.

I.e., If the previous membership price of yours was 19,90€/mo and you have received the June’s invoice with the price 24,90€, there will be compensated 5€ to the last invoice due to the overpay.

NB. That the prices in the cancellation confirmation email may be incorrect.

If you did not find an answer to your question from our FAQ, please contact our staff in the gyms.
You can find gyms contact information from here.

Thank you for your corporation and have a great day!

Best regards,
F24S Customer Service
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