Freezing your membership due to covid-19

Right now, all Fitness24Seven gyms and services are open as usual and there are no obstacles for working out. However, we are closely following the information from the Public Health Authority (THL) and the Government's regulations and we will update the information if the situation changes. We understand that training during this time might be overwhelming.

Fitness24Seven's Covid action plan

If you wish to temporarily pause (freeze) your membership, please follow the information below.

Freezing your membership due to covid-19

When freezing a membership, the terms §4 of our contract as well as the freeze fee of 15€ apply.

The membership agreement can be frozen for a maximum of 12 months per agreement period. After the frozen period runs out, the membership is automatically activated without any separate notice, which is why we recommend writing a reminder for yourself to remember the date. It is not possible to freeze a membership in retrospect. If the freezing is done in the middle of the invoicing period, it is mandatory to pay the sent invoice. Overpayment will be automatically compensated after the freezing period. Freezing and cancellation period cannot be simultaneously active. The member is responsible for receiving and storing the confirmation of each freezing.

The freezing is done either personally on site during reception hours or via email. We do not accept freezing requests by phone.

Please include the following information in your freezing request for faster processing.
  1. Customer number or membership card number for identification.
  2. A statement where the freezing fee is accepted to be sent via e-invoice.
  3. The exact time period for the freezing, starting at the earliest on the day of your contact and up to maximum of 12 months forward.

Please note that the freeze fee cannot be paid with Smartums as their services only cover membership fees, not administrative fees.

For any additional questions, do not hesitate to contact any of our gym receptions.

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