Freezing the membership

General information
Freezing your membership means a temporary suspension in the usability and invoicing of your membership. Invoicing and access to our gyms will activate automatically and immediately after the freezing ends.

Freezing period and cancellation period cannot be simultaneously active. If you have cancelled your membership, it cannot be frozen. If your membership is frozen, it cannot be cancelled until the freezing period ends.

The freezing is always agreed separately at the gym reception or via email. The freezing will take place only after it has been confirmed by our Staff. The member is responsible of receiving and storing the confirmation of freezing so it can be presented to F24S Staff if necessary.

Freezing will not be made in retrospect and unused work out day will not be compensated in other ways.

Cost free freezing
If you are injured or ill, about to start a Finnish army service, pregnant or gotten laid off, you can freeze your membership cost-free with a valid certificate. The freezing will be set for the time informed in the certificate (maximum of 12 months) starting from the date the request for freezing is sent and a certificate presented.

Freezing with a fee
If you want to pause your membership for other reasons, you may freeze your membership with a separate freeze fee. We use two types of freeze fees:
  • 6,90€ fee that allows freezing for 1-3 months time period (can be used once per year)
  • 15,00€ fee that allows the membership to be frozen for up to 12 months.

If the freezing is agreed remotely via email, a freezing fee will be sent to the member via e-invoice. Instructions for setting up the e-invoice permit can be found from this article: How do I activate my e-invoice permit?

If the freezing is agreed at the gym reception, a freeze fee is paid at the reception by bank card. Please note that you cannot use Smartum sport benefit for the freeze fee.

Freezing and invoicing
The freezing will temporarily pause the membership invoicing. In case an invoice for the upcoming month has already been sent, it is mandatory to pay the sent invoice. All paid days of the membership during the freezing will be saved and automatically compensated after the freezing ends.

Instructions for freezing via email
Send an email to the gym reception or centralized customer service The email must contain the following information:
  • Membership number or membership card number for identification
  • A statement where you accept that the freeze fee can be sent via e-invoice
  • Specified start and end date for the freezing. Please note, that the earliest start date can be the date of your contact and the end date max 12 months forward. If the end date is within 1-3 month range, the freeze fee will be cheaper.
In case you have any questions regarding freezing your membership, please contact the nearest gym reception.
F24S Customer Service
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