FAQ regarding the price change

As our operations at Fitness24Seven evolve, we have also decided to update the pricing of new memberships. In this article, you will find frequently asked questions regarding the price change. These new prices will take effect on October 7, 2021 and only apply to new memberships.

If you have additional questions, we kindly ask you to contact any of our gyms either via phone, email or personally visiting the reception.

What does your new price list look like?
The price update will affect both fixed-term and on-going, monthly paid memberships. Price for our accident insurance and other fees such as start-up fee, freezing fee etc. will remain current. You can read more about the new prices below.

Fixed-term memberships
Fixed-term membership is paid completely upon registration. In addition to the membership fee, a start-up or renewal fee is charged, just like now. This membership can be purchased only at the gym reception.

  • 12 mo. regular 319,00€
  • 6 mo. regular 189,00€
  • 12 mo. senior 269,00€
  • 12 mo. access 189,00€

On-going memberships
On-going membership is paid monthly via e-invoice through your personal online bank account. Upon registration, a start-up or renewal fee will be added to the monthly membership fee. You can register as a member both at our Online Shop and at the gym reception.
  • Regular membership 22,90€/mo.
  • Senior membership 19,90€/mo.
  • Access membership 12,90€/mo.

Why are you changing your prices?
In Finland, our journey started almost 10 years ago and since that day, our price for the on-going regular membership has been the same; 19,90€/mo. During these 10 years, a lot has happened: we have expanded our business from a few gyms to more than 50 gyms only in Finland and worldwide you can find more than 200 Fitness24Seven gyms from 5 different countries. Along with expansion, we have made huge improvements in our concept and services and we want to continue doing so in the future too. This is why we have decided to update our price list to match better with the services we provide today. Our price is and will remain the most competitive in the markets; with the same membership you can use all Fitness24Seven gyms every day of the year, 24/7 regardless of the city or even the country and you can take part of group training classes offered by our Group-gyms. We also have a selection of live-streamed group classes where you can take part where ever you feel like it - pretty great, right?

Why does the price change affect new members only?
Members who register before the price change takes place, will keep the current membership price also after the price change. New prices only apply for memberships made on 7th of October or after. price also after We believe this is the most customer-friendly way to handle the price change.

Will the price change for old members too in the near future?
At the moment we have no plans made regarding price change for current members, who have made the membership contract before the price change takes place.

My membership has already ended but I would like to renew the membership with old price 19,90€/mo. What should I do?
Before the price change, you can still renew your membership with the old prices at the gym reception during opening hours. The price change will take place on 7th of October what means that our old prices apply on all memberships made before that date. Right now we have a great offer until 30th of September - if you register as a member with our on-going membership, we will offer you free start-up fee and 2 first months work out time half price! You can take part of the offer if you currently don't have an active membership at Fitness24Seven.

My membership is currently frozen. Will my membership price change after the freezing ends?
No, your membership price will remain the same as long as you have an on-going membership with Fitness24Seven. Freezing the membership does not affect the validity of your membership as the freezing is only a temporary break on the membership access and invoicing. If you cancel your membership and renew it on 7th of October or after, the new membership price will be according to our new price list.

Do you have questions you couldn’t find answes to? We kindly ask you to contact any of our gyms either via phone, email or personally visiting the reception.

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