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Changing bank, how do I set up e-invoicing in the new one?

I have an e-invoice in my bank with automatic payment. I am going to change bank, how do I move the e-invoice from my former bank to the new one?


  • Hello Johannes,

    Thank you for your message.

    Banking / account exchange must be done independently with your bank in the online banking system.

    The old billing authorization must be removed from the "wrong" account and reset from the new account.

    There should be a difference between three banking days of deletion and repetition.

    In this way, the messages will run between our systems.
    Here are some basic guidelines for setting up an e-invoicing license, please note that the settings may vary depending on your bank and, if necessary, help with e-invoicing matters from your bank's customer service.

    Instructions to set up an e-invoicing contract

    Members with a monthly paid contract have to make an E-invoice contract within three (3) days of registration in their Online bank. The due date for our invoices are always the 29th of each month (Invoices for Accident Insurance and PT service expire the 1st of each month).
    Please notice that there may be differences between Online banks.

    - Log in to your personal Online bank and select E-invoicing
    - Select Order E-invoices
    - Find Fitness24Seven Oy (or Fitness24Seven Helsinki Oy) and continue
    - Fill in your social security number and continue
    - Select your personal account from which the e-invoice will be charged
    - Accept the contract by pressing OK

    There is a risk, of course, that now that you are switching between accounts during the billing period, your new billing license will not be available for this purpose.

    Hope this was helpful, a very nice day!

    Anna Customer Advisor
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