Can I freeze my subscription? And how does it work?

§ 4. Freezing or transferring the membership and the Accident Insurance agreement It is possible to freeze membership without a fee in cases of illness or pregnancy with a medical certificate. Memberships can also be frozen free of charge due to army service with a call-up certificate. If the member wishes to freeze their subscription without a doctor’s note, F24S will charge an admin/service fee (15€).

The membership agreement can be frozen for a maximum of 12 months per agreement period. After the frozen period runs out, the membership is automatically activated. It is not possible to freeze membership in retrospect. If the freezing is done in the middle of the invoicing period, it is mandatory to pay the sent invoice. Overpayment will be automatically compensated after the freezing period. Freezing and cancellation period cannot be simultaneously active.

The freezing is done at the reception during opening hours. As the member I am responsible for receiving and storing the confirmation of my freezing and if necessary showing it to the F24S staff.

So In your case, we recommend pausing the membership instead of cancelling as you can freeze your membership immediately and decide the length of the pause instead of having to do the 2 months cancellation period and renewal all over again. Renewal fee is also 15e so, the cost is the same, but any loyalty program statuses or other benefits are not lost upon cancellation.
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